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June 23, 2019


Does starvation mode/ Catabolism exist

The “theory” of Catabolism is that:
When you lose a lot of weight, the body starts trying to conserve energy by reducing the amount of calories you burn.

Every time you diet, your body is sending a signal to your mind saying food is scarce!!! When your body has already adapted to those low calories, it makes it that much more for your metabolism to handle this sudden caloric surplus whether it be 500 or 1000. •
So the body fights back, doing everything it can to make you stop losing. Another factor to take into consideration is how severe are these cheat days? Are we going from 1300 calories to 1600 or 1300-2500? Lol it’s very easy to underestimate how many calories we can easily consume in between 1 margarita, colossal burrito, & some chips with guacamole. That in itself is EASILY 1800 calories alone. Factor in a 400 calorie breakfast and a 500 calorie lunch your at 2700. Let’s say you have just TWO days like that and you’re good throughout the week . That 2800 calorie surplus is enough to keep you stagnant or even GAIN weight.

Furthermore since you’ve been in such a carb deprived state you’re not necessarily putting on extra calories but your metabolism is in shock/out of wack.

So what to do? Stay away from crash diets... ease your body into a new eating routine. It doesn’t come overnight and focus on practicing balance. Hire an actual nutritionist, health coach, or trainer that can guide you in the right direction so that you lose the weight, and KEEP IT OFF!

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