What is unilateral training and why is it important?

March 15, 2019


Exercise that train limbs rather than engaging both sides together. Some examples are single arm shoulder presses, split stance cable Rows, skater hops, and single Leg Glute bridges.
What is a muscle imbalance?
A muscle imbalance is referred to as your weaker side, most times significantly weaker than others. If you only train bilaterally (both sides) and you do have a weaker side chances are it will be compensated by your dominant side.
Why is unilateral training important?
1)Build your core, training unilaterally will put you in a position to use your core to stabilize you more considering the uneven load. Developing these core muscles is important for developing balance and stability, protecting your spine, and cultivating integrated, functional strength.
2) Building Stabilizing Muscles!
Muscles work together in conjunction. Note that doing a bench press "primarily" works you Triceps/Pecs/Deltoids, although the stabilizing muscles include the rotator cuff for the shoulder, the scapular (shoulder blade) stabilizers for the shoulder girdle, the forearm muscles for the elbow and the core muscles for the spine. A lot right!!! Well work those too!
3)Corrects the posture & form of the dominant side! By allowing more focus and attention to the detail of a movement, you can begin to exercise more control: Consciously. When doing a single arm press you'll notice if your straining a lot more to perform a rep or if your form is off when isolated. Just think if you visit a Physical Therapist for a particular injury, they are most likely going to focus on addressing the problem directly!
4) It translates more to real life movements. We run, walk, and climb stairs unilaterally. Why not learn to train in our purest form?
If you can't keep your balance on on a stationary Lunge with weight, why being walking lunges? Baby steps people, baby steps, will lead you to program greatness!

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