Enjoy the process! Losing weight takes time!

January 25, 2018

🚨Breaking News🚨 Losing weight takes time guys lol. In fact I told a club member the other day it took me 2 years to get from 205 to 165, and he was astonished lol. Granted I never set any particular goals, had no education on nutrition (learned as I went along), nor was my exercise program complete or as efficient for that matter. Working with a fitness coach, nutritionist, or Heath coach can help facilitate the process but it still takes two!
We are conditioned to believe that things happen overnight. Our biggest enemy: Convenience and wanting things fast. Amazon delivers our products, I used to pay to have the cleaners do my laundry (a 25$ expense I still don't regret, it freed up a lot of time 🤷🏽‍♂️), and nonsense like spending double on Uber Eats!
At 6 months training 2-4 times a week consistently, THEN you have officially committed to a workout program. Yet we barely give ourselves enough time to adapt. Habits are comfortable and require a little self-control. Habitually we have conditioned ourselves to do things like celebrate with food or alcohol. Buy take out when we are on the go, as opposed to taking the time out to prepare something. To wake up, work, go home, and watch tv. Not all of us, but many of us. We fail to realize and understand how many barriers are actually keeping us from even reaching our goals. We need to address first.
Biggest Barriers:
💥Time constraints
💯Work on your time management skills. See where your wasting time at, or sacrifice something so you can get results.
💥Prior injuries or muscle imbalances
💯Learn how to walk before you crawl, or learn how to properly do a hip hinge before you deadlift. Learn how to read food labels and portions before you jump on some crazy restrictive crash diet. See a doctor for your horrible knee pain before you jump (literally 😅) into a group fitness class.
💥Current behaviors that you may be unaware of.
💯Find your triggers, is it the people around you, boredom, depression, is it something that has just been engrained?
💥Giving up
💯Set smaller goals, and get off the damn gram lol! There is so much nonsense on hear stating how you have to look or people portraying their perfect ass lifestyle lol. I come from being overweight so I know how hard it is. I face challenges everyday, so if you see me post my "healthy ass meal" lol, just know I really struggled and spent tons of time trying to correct my prior habits. You didn't see the hard work behind the scenes. So give it your all: IN RELATION TO YOUR OWN GOALS! You don't have to be vegan, you don't have to eat meat. So on
MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!! Your gonna make mistakes, but did you die? Lol, they say trust the process 🙄, I say ENJOY THE PROCESS! 


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