Body By TruFitness

With 4+ years of experience as a competitive bodybuilder, countless workshops and continued education with tools such as the Steel Mace & Kettlebell training, in addition to corrective exercise and rehabilitative strategies: We can help develop an all-inclusive fitness program to suit your needs!

What is Online Coaching?

  • Get your very own workout program

  • Nutritional consultation and meal guiding

  • Find out your strength, weaknesses, muscular imbalances, and tips on how to improve through our virtual assessment

  • Have access to our virtual exercise library with over 100+ movement’s to have a true point of reference

  • A direct strategy on how to lose weight, gain weight, as well as become stronger.

  • Have more accountability as well as progress by checking in weekly with your coach to address your accomplishments as well as struggles

  • Save time and money for those who are on a budget

  • This is primarily for intermediate individuals with no serious injuries and who are in general good health

  • For those who are disciplined and at times can remain self-motivated

  • Also for individuals on the go, tied up at home, or work


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